Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Johannesburg Sunday 9 February 2020 – Nine Imperial Skydivers descended from the heavens into the Imperial Wanderers Stadium during the 3rd Momentum One-Day International – best known as PINKDAY flying the pink breast cancer awareness flag.

The team representing Skydive Tandem Johannesburg, displayed their skill and expertise to the excited crowd, who cheered wildly as they glided onto the pitch during the change of Innings.

Jumping from the “Angel Atlas” (a converted Kudu Airforce plane of which there are only 9 left in the world), the skydivers flew the South African, Cricket SA, Imperial and the pink breast cancer awareness flags, gliding across the bright blue sky dotted with picturesque white clouds in almost perfect wind conditions.

The team comprised eight men and one woman, ranging from 29 to 55 years old, and 640 to 12 000 jumps each. “It was a great honour to raise awareness for breast cancer and share the thrill of skydiving with the crowds”, stated Steve Bartels, the jump organiser.

The jumpers were exhilarated by the crowd’s enthusiasm and the electric atmosphere. It was a truly unforgettable experience. Show jumping was hugely popular in the 80’s and 90’s and is gaining popularity again at sporting, racing and music events, as well as brand activations. Skydiving is a fully inclusive sport. Anybody over 16, from any walk of life, reasonably fit and able can participate.

Just look at the 9 Imperial jumpers:

  • Denis Howe – age 55 – jumps 3000 – Pilot; Security Consultant
  • Brendon Nortier – age 29 – jumps 700 – Manufacturing Technician; Cat Warden
  • Hilmar Backer – age 43 – jumps 660 – Draftsman; Base Jumper
  • Ricci Bucceri – 57 – jumps 5325 – Restaurateur; Professional Show Jumper
  • Rob Kruger – jumps 12000 – Professional Skydiver; Rigger
  • Rudi Serfontein – age 36 – jumps 1300 – Mechatronics Engineer; Base Jumper
  • Gilly Muller – age 40 – jumps 640 – Forensic Auditor / Accountant; Entrepreneur
  • Peter Annadale – age 48 – jumps 1700 – Pilot; Draftsman
  • Vernon Pretorius – 45 – jumps 2100 – Helicopter Pilot; Vehicle Recovery Systems

Much work is being done to provide funding, entry and training to Previously Disadvantaged Individuals to become part of the sport.

“We continue to challenge ourselves in terms of utilising all available avenues to raise the breast cancer awareness flag. This is in line with our belief that early detection does save lives” concludes Jono Leaf-Wright Central Gauteng Lions CEO.