The Central Gauteng Lions (CGL) and Imperial Wanderers Stadium (IWS) would like to reassure our staff, service providers, clients, and tenants that our main priority is to uphold a safe working environment for all.

This means that we will take every possible measure to strengthen our health and safety of everyone and reduce the risk of anyone becoming infected with the COVID-19 virus at our premises, through various preventative measures and systems.

We strive to provide a safe working environment for all who enter our premises, and we will do our utmost best to ensure that the rules and regulations are always adhered to.

The policies in the document above summarise the various health and safety protocols that we are incorporating at all our premises, to help combat the spread of the virus and to ensure adherence to strict workplace hygiene standards.

To further safeguard and assist our partners, we will be selling masks and other protective equipment, which will be available for purchase at our ticket office.

These measures will be reinforced with a thorough daily cleaning routine in line with World Health Standards and South African Government regulations, as part of our new offering to our partners.

This will allow everyone working at our premises to focus on their company and work while we take care of the vital health and safety protocols.

If we all cooperate and follow the rules and regulations as set out by the government, we will significantly reduce the risk of being infected and spreading the virus, whilst allowing us to continue to attend the workplace and ultimately, we will ensure the sustainability of all of our companies.