Board Of Directors Earl Glennistor

Gauteng Cricket Board Vice President


A passion for the sport of Cricket that translates into actions that have defined Earl as the quintessential ambassador for the game. Earl’s love for the game has always been at the grassroots and development level. Seeing youngsters play the game and grow to love cricket is what drives his ambition and vision.


His understanding of the game stems from many viewpoints taken from various sides of the boundary rope, as a player, a parent, an administrator, a coach, a manager and a fan. Over 35 years of having cricket as a way of life, his culmination of astute business entrepreneurship, marketing skills and overall management style leads Earl to selflessly give back to the sport in a way that will take cricket forward for generations to come.


Earl has been playing the game for the past 35-years. Three years as Executive Member & Chairman of Delfos Cricket Club (2016-2019) and also a Level 1 Coaching Certificate.


Earl has bee involved in the Delfos Junior programs (St. Peters, Blackwidow, LPL) Serves Pipeline and Transformation Sub Communities at CGL past 3 years. He has been on the High Schools Cricket Committee (CGL) for 2 years.


Involvement in other sports – Development of a cycling team for 2 years (Enza Cycling team) Schools Hockey for 1 year.