Management Team Ian Smith

Interim Finance Manager


Ian comes with over 25 years’ experience in Executive Leadership and we are blessed to have him join us.


He currently owns his own company and has signed with us for a three-month interim period with an option to extend if needed. Ian has been involved in some of South Africa’s top corporates and has assisted on many different levels. His work with Sun International helped the company develop and grow exponentially and while he was CEO of Tennis SA managed to bring in millions of Rands into the game of tennis over the period.


Ian was an Executive Director of the 2003 ICC World Cup held in South Africa and served on the ICC World Cup Board. He was also the Financial Director at the then UCB (now Cricket South Africa) from 1993 to 2000 and did some brilliant work.


Having connected with some Affiliate CEO’s who have heard Ian is joining us, unanimously feel he is going to be a great addition to the CGL executive team and our greater CGL family.


I would like to thank Ian for taking up this offer and wish him all the best in the coming months. I know we will all support him and assist him to achieve the financial excellence we want for CGL over this short period. I have no doubt that Ian will strengthen our brand even further with his eye for detail, experienced mind and passion for the game of cricket.


If you would like to connect and contact Ian his email is