Board Of Directors Lunga Kupiso

Non- Independent Director

A Marketing & Communications Strategist, Lunga Kupiso has been in the cricketing environment since 2010, where he began as a runner for then, tournament director of the 2010 Champions League Twenty20. Following that, he has helped in follow up cricketing events, including the 2012 edition of the global T20 franchise competition, serving as the logistics coordinator for the Highveld Lions. He also served as an assistant to the ticketing and accreditation office during the 2011 South Africa vs India celebration T20i match at the Moses Mabhida stadium.


Over the last 8 years, Lunga has spent time working in some of the continents leading broadcasting stables as a sportscaster, whilst pursuing his academic endeavours in the field of Marketing Communications and PR. Most recently, he has returned from spending time in the commercial sporting market of Australia, soaking up some invaluable experience during his time down under.


In his own words, he says “my passion is in serving, living for a cause bigger than self, being a part of the solution that brings change to the lives of our people. Actively helping build our communities for everyone to be in a better position than yesterday.

I am passionate about making a meaningful impact, helping bring hope through change to the lives of many South Africans, beginning with my neighbour. So, I do hope to serve with diligence and dignity wherever it is that I am called. I hope my morals, values and ethics keep me grounded and constantly aligned to the cause. That is all I have, even when life takes everything away.”


Before sustaining a neck injury playing, Lunga played the game all the way to Premier B level. He is also a qualified umpire and coach through the Cricket South Africa system